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About the brand

Our brand promise: By thinking and doing, we shall lead.

As one of Canada’s newest and fastest growing universities, the University of Ontario Institute of Technology offers a unique, technology‑rich teaching and learning environment that challenges students to push the boundaries of innovation and discovery and prepares them to excel in the global, knowledge‑driven economy of the 21st century.

At the forefront of how we bring our vision to the world—from our roots in our local community to Ontario, across Canada, and around the globe—is our brand.

We challenge our people to achieve excellence. We inspire our people to shape an innovative path to the future. We connect our people to success today, for tomorrow.

Clear, decisive and forward‑thinking, our brand acts as a statement of purpose for our students, alumni, faculty and staff to take with them into their respective fields and inspire them to create paths to innovation, entrepreneurship and achievement.

A brand is a living concept that works to evolve and support the community that it represents. Just as the university has grown and changed over our 15‑year history, our brand has grown with it, and will continue to embrace the opportunities and challenges of the future.

Our brand is…




Our brand is not...




Explore this site to see how we live our brand and access the tools needed to help us tell our storylocally, regionally, across Canada and to the world.

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