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Welcome to the University of Ontario Institute of Technology—one of Canada’s newest public, research universities.

Like our 10,000 students we’re smart, young and focused.

In fact, if our university was one of our students, here’s what our transcript would say:

  • We’re good at technology: skilled with and inquisitive about technology, including how it interacts with education and our society.
  • We focus our studies: specialists in market-relevant, strategic areas like advanced robotics, computational research, health sciences and nuclear generation.
  • We work well with others: skilled at partnering on research and experiential learning with more than 400 businesses, industries and community organizations.
  • We get A’s in innovation: a university with an entrepreneurial mindset, home to some of the country’s top researchers, including 11 Canada Research Chairs.
  • We own the newest and best stuff: owners of 70+ state-of-the-art research labs and internationally-known testing facilities, all anchored by a 15-year track record of excellence.

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