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Franklin Gothic

The typeface (family of fonts) used in all of the university’s printed and online materials is ITC Franklin Gothic. This includes condensed and non-condensed variations.

Note: The Franklin Gothic typeface is not available on most university-issued devices. It is a licensed graphic file that requires authorization. If you use MS Office programs, we recommend using the Arial font.

franklin gothic book condensed example

Other typefaces


Centennial was featured more prominently in the university’s previous branding. It is reserved for materials developed for ceremonial events (e.g. Convocation) and the offices of the President and Provost.

centennial example

Complementary typeface

A complementary typeface is available for limited use in instances where fonts on their own do not provide enough variation to distinguish our visual elements. Where appropriate, Lora used with Franklin Gothic can provide more visual variation in a design.

lora example

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