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Associated identities

The university is recognized throughout Canada as a centre for innovation, entrepreneurship and technology, a reputation based in part on the ancillary businesses and organizations that operate within it across the fields of:

  • research (e.g. ACE)
  • leadership (e.g. Management Development Centre)
  • education (e.g. English Language Centre)

Through the scope of their work—whether it is in the local community or across the globe—these businesses help to promote the university. While they are affiliated with the university, each area fosters their own partnerships:

  • fueling innovation
  • generating revenue
  • supporting their continued operation

A banner stand with university and associated identity brandingEach business has its own sub-brand within the university’s overarching brand including a unique ‘look and feel’ that allows them to stand out from the university’s brand including:

  • individual colours
  • typefaces
  • graphic treatments

A brochure for the English Language centre

  • Associated identities and the university logo

    Since each ancillary business has its own focus and client base, the version of the university logo used with each associated identity may vary.

    The Canadian logo with the ACE identity

    Example: ACE, due to its position in the North American automotive industry, uses the Canadian logo with its own identity on external-facing pieces to promote the centre and the university to clients across North America.

    Note: Internally (e.g. on internal signage or non-promotional materials), the primary logo should still be used with the ACE logo.

  • Using an associated identity

    An associated identity appears alongside the university logo with a thin, dark blue dividing line used to separate the two with clearance equal to the width of the shield on either side of the line. The logo resides on the left with the identity on the right. The dividing line should not exceed the height of the university logo. 

    Diagram of how an associated identity should be combined with the logo

    Note: The associated identity should not exceed the height of the university logo.

    In a promotional piece for an associated business (brochure, display stands, etc.), while it is acceptable to use the associated identity separate from the university logo, the logo must be present somewhere on the piece.An example of using an identity separate from the logo

    When separating an identity from the logo on the cover of a brochure or other promotional piece, the logo and identity must be in equal proportion. An identity should never exceed a size ratio of 2:1 when separated from the university logo without approval the from the Communications and Marketing department.

    The use of an associated identity requires permission and approval from the relevant group (e.g. MDC, ACE, ELC, etc.), in addition to sign off on the university’s overall branding. Please contact us to co-ordinate the approval process for an associated identity.


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