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Partnering with other organizations

Co-branding with Durham College

When placing the university and Durham College (DC) logos adjacent to one another, use the university’s full-height shield logo, which matches the size of the DC shield.

The full-height shield logo with the Durham College logo

The use of this logo in any other instance is prohibited. For more information, review the UOIT-DC co-branding guidelines.

Partner logos

When partnering with a group or organization, permission to use the partner logo must be received and a proof will often be required by the partner prior to use.  Both logos should be placed together, separated by a thin line and standard clearance.

The primary logo with a partner logo

If multiple logos are required, the same clearance applies but lines to divide the logos are not required.

The primary logo with multiple partner logos

Use a proportionately sized partner logo with the university logo.

Sponsor logos

When groups or organizations sponsor a university event, sponsor logos must be distinctly separate from the university logo. Generally, the university’s logo should be more prominent than sponsor logos unless there is a requirement to highlight the sponsor logo for a specific purpose.

The primary logo with a sponsor logo block
Contact us if you have any questions about co-branding treatments.

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