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Companies and personal names


Company names should be spelled out in full for the first reference—including the words company or corporation. The name can be shortened in later references. Whenever possible, suffixes such as Inc., PLC, or Ltd. should be removed.

For example: The University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT) announced it has been chosen by Cameco Corporation, the world’s largest uranium producer, to create a $1.5 million Cameco Research Chair in Nuclear Fuel. New technologies resulting from this research will be shared between UOIT and Cameco.

Write out a person’s full name in the first reference. Later refer to the person by their last name. Avoid the use of courtesy titles (Mr., Mrs. and Ms., etc.) with the exception of Dr.

For example: Melissa Levy of the university’s Communications and Marketing department oversees Communications and Creative Services.

Use both first and last names together in all references to distinguish between people with the same last name.

For example: Jason Smith and Stephanie Smith both work at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology. Jason Smith works for the Facilities department.

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