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Import another page

You can import content from another page into the current page. By doing this, you can include a single page in multiple sections of a website without having to maintain multiple copies of the page or link to the original page (Reference link). 

The content below shows imported content from the original Standard content page. 

Ridgebacks fans at a women's soccer gameThis is a standard content layout. Any content can be placed here, such as text, lists, tables, and inline/embedded images.

Multiple columns of content can be created. The default option is one column.

A maximum of 12 columns can be created. Multiple columns are evenly spaced across the page. On smaller screen sizes, columns are stacked underneath each other.

Note: in the example on this page, columns are delineated with a box and coloured background to show the column layout. The coloured boxes will not appear in regular pages. 


Column 1

Column 2

Column 3

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