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Example of an inline image. Ridgebacks fans at a soccer game.This page shows examples of an inline/embedded image and a banner image. 

Inline or embedded images are images that appear in the content area of the page.
The recommended aspect ratio for inline images is 3:2 with dimensions of 300px W x 200px H

Banner images are images that appear above the main content area of the page and breadcrumbs page path. (Note: this section refers to banner images on internal pages; these banner images are separate from home page sliding banner images.) 

Banner images are optimized for mobile devices – different size images are loaded depending on the device being used to decrease page load time and bandwidth use. Banner images should be requested and created by Communications and Marketing because of specific size, resolution, and layout constraints. Submit a Project Initiation Form to request banner images. 

For your reference, banner image sizes are as follows: 

Small screens (phones) 1024px W x 320px H
Medium screens (tablets) 1440px W x 450px H
Large screens (computers) 1920px W x 600px H
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